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Stormwater monitoring station maintenance in Mendocino County for an open-graded asphalt pavement BM
Moon pool vibracore deployment with a winch on a custom-built quadrapod barge in Nome Harbor, Alaska
Kick net deployment in Contra Costa County to evaluate macroinvertebrate speciation and abundance as
Deployment of Niskin water sampler, CTD, and drogue launch offshore Anchorage, Alaska as part of an
Hazardous materials screening in exclusion zone of abated private parcels following a California wil
Vibracore sediment sampling at the Port of Los Angeles, California
Stormwater BMP influent and effluent sampling of biofiltration LID (Low Impact Development) feature
Measuring fish and recording locations using fish board and handheld GPS in the Alaskan Arctic.
CTD water column profiling to monitor potential effects from demolition implosions of concrete piers


Kinnetic Environmental, Inc. is a consulting firm that has provided environmental science services to government, industry, and corporate clients since 1972 under the former name of Kinnetic Laboratories, Inc. After merging in 2021 with ADH Environmental, the corporation was rebranded as Kinnetic Environmental, Inc. (KEI). 

KEI offers extensive capabilities for the study of water and sediment quality, including dredged materials investigations; watershed management and stormwater studies; regulatory permitting; environmental and permit compliance monitoring; marine biology; contaminant release fate and effects, including oil spill response; toxicity and bioaccumulation; and field logistics. Our expertise enables us to successfully design, perform, and interpret scientific studies to support our clients’ environmental baseline and impact assessment needs; we also provide support of environmental impact determinations and documentation efforts, such as those required by NEPA, CEQA, and NRDA.

KEI is a certified California small business enterprise (SBE) with offices located in Aptos, Carlsbad, Los Alamitos, and McKinleyville, California, as well as in Anchorage, Alaska. Our staff of approximately 40 professionals is comprised of water and sediment quality scientists, biologists, oceanographers, permit-compliance specialists, data analysts, instrumentation developers, and environmental emergency response teams. 


KEI is committed to providing excellence, dedication, and economic value to our clients. Our mission is to help clients succeed by providing the highest quality environmental consulting services based on scientifically intelligent, effective, and defensible solutions for their environmental challenges and compliance needs.

Our vision is to solve complex environmental problems using the best scientific expertise, innovation, and technologically based solutions to support our clients’ needs, as well as improve the ecological integrity of our environment while providing a challenging and fulfilling work environment for our employees.

KEI’s values include integrity and honesty, reliability, professionalism, health and safety accountability, economic value, and service. 

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