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Customized Instrumentation and Equipment

Customized Instrumentation

KEI specializes in the design, fabrication, configuration, and installation of customized instrumentation to meet a variety of project requirements. Instrumentation assemblies incorporate off-the-shelf components with KEI-engineered and fabricated electronic and mechanical parts to economically meet specialized needs for stormwater, water monitoring, and oceanographic applications. Our IT staff write in-house programs for various logic controllers and data loggers that are used with remotely deployed sampling equipment, including the development of input/output routines using proprietary communications protocols of flow meters and other peripheral devices. Design and deployment depends on project specifications, and KEI is a leading expert in adapting equipment for specific sampling or monitoring requirements. Manufacturers equipment commonly used in our stormwater and oceanographic monitoring systems include Campbell Scientific, Teledyne ISCO, Hach Company, Teledyne RD Instruments ADCPs, Sea-Bird Scientific, and Hydrolab. 


  • Automated and telemetered water sampling systems 

  • Calibrated, flow-weighted stormwater composite sampling 

  • Logic controller and data logger customized programs 

  • Ultra-low level organic and inorganic pollutant solid-phase extraction collection equipment 

  • Customization of off-the-shelf equipment to meet specialized needs  

  • Design and implementation of user software interfaces for custom monitoring systems 

  • Equipment programming, calibration, and on-site installation 

  • Appsheet integration for field applications 

KEI develops and deploys various remote access technologies, designs and implements user interfaces for software systems, and performs systems diagnostics to routinely check remotely-deployed equipment. These interfaces have included systems utilizing radio and satellite telemetry, pagers, text messages, mobile phones, and the Internet to provide real-time information and warnings to offsite users, thus allowing these users remote control over the systems. 

Sampling Gear and Equipment

KEI maintains a variety of marine and aquatic sampling equipment such as sediment coring devices (vibracore systems, gravity cores, and hand corers) and grab samplers; water collection devices such as Niskin and GoFlo bottles, custom Valskon samplers, and peristaltic pumping systems; automated solid-phase extraction samplers; CTDs and other in situ sonde measurement devices; current meters and associated mooring components; fishing gear including otter trawls, seines, and fyke nets; plankton nets; flow meters; and stormwater sampling systems including programmable logic controllers and data loggers, auto samplers, rain gauges, in situ water quality sensors, solar panels, and secuity enclosures. 

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