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Permitting Support & Compliance

KEI has considerable experience and expertise in supporting construction, industrial, and municipal clients during the wastewater and stormwater discharge permit application process, permit implementation, and compliance monitoring for discharges regulated by the NPDES or the Alaskan equivalent (APDES). Construction clients have included roadway and bridge transportation agencies and their contractors. Industrial clients have included those in the shipping, utility, and oil and gas industries along with aquaculture associations and log transfer facilities. Municipalities have included both large and small dischargers in Alaska, California, and Hawaii, including many stormwater and watershed programs. 

Stock photo. Field documentation at sampling site.

Additional Services

  • NPDES/APDES permit applications and supporting documentation

  • Mixing zone and zone of deposit permit applications and determinations

  • Visual Plumes and CORMIX modeling (near-field mixing zone modeling)

  • Performance of RPA and AD analysis

  • Coordination between agencies and clients

  • Permit review and official comment submittals to agencies from clients

  • Permit implementation, including preparation of BMPs, QAPPs, and SWPPPs

  • Permit compliance monitoring, including sampling and reporting

  • On-call (ad hoc) permit compliance expertise

  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) document preparation

  • Log transfer facility bark deposit and fish processor waste disposal surveys

We have prepared numerous NPDES/APDES permit and mixing zone applications for discharges, which have included reasonable potential analyses (RPA), antidegradation (AD) analyses, and mixing zone and zone of deposit modeling determinations, for a variety of facilities and clients. Permit compliance activities have included preparation of BMP Plans, SWPPPs, and QAPPs to assist clients in implementing and meeting all permit requirements. In addition, we have performed permit compliance monitoring, including stormwater sampling, BMP efficacy surveys, SWPPP inspections, receiving water and effluent discharge sampling, whole effluent toxicity and bioaccumulation analyses, and various focused studies to address facility performance and treatability issues including performing TIE/TREs.  

Graphic of CORMIX mixing zone modeling output to support a APDES/NPDES permit application.
Underwater diver survey to determine the zone of deposit size for bark accumulation at a log transfer facility in Alaska.
Stormwater BMP influent and effluent sampling of biofiltration LID feature to determine loads reduction for an EPA grant funded study in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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